Medical Marijuana in Lakewood, Ohio: Are We Behind the Times?

Medical Marijuana in Lakewood, Ohio: Are We Behind the Times?

Medical marijuana in Lakewood, Ohio is an issue we can no longer stick our heads in the sand about.

On July 3, 2017, Lakewood City Council once again extended a citywide moratorium on medical marijuana for 90 days. This is yet another example of the backward thinking of our current city council. Just two weeks prior to the decision, I spoke in front of council, imploring them to reconsider this ban. I informed them that this moratorium has cost Lakewood thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of dollars in potential tax revenue for the city.

Why We Need Medical Marijuana in Lakewood, Ohio

When speaking to council, I also stressed that the City of Lakewood is being left behind when it comes to the cultivating of medical marijuana, and we cannot cause Lakewood to be left further behind when it comes to the processing and dispensing of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana in Lakewood, Ohio will not only help those afflicted with numerous ailments but also help our city recover lost revenue and jobs from the closure of Lakewood Hospital, as well as start to curb the opioid epidemic that has taken a stranglehold on our great city.

But, it appears that this plea has fallen on deaf ears once again, as council voted to delay any decision regarding medical marijuana. We need to adapt and move forward with the times, and the way to move forward is with a change in our city council. Lakewood City Council is stuck in their ways and stuck in the past. It has once again cost this city potential tax revenue, jobs, and the opportunity to help countless lives. We cannot stand for this anymore.

This is one of the many reasons why I have chosen to run for Lakewood City Council At-Large. When I get elected to City Council, it won’t be a stepping stone — it will be a calling. Two years ago, I ran for judge on the premise of helping people, businesses, animals, and the entire city of Lakewood and my passion to do just that has only grown. I will be the voice of the disheartened, disenfranchised, and forgotten — seniors, veterans, and youth alike. Our community must get better if we’re going to survive — and thrive — in the tough times ahead. When I am elected, I will improve Lakewood for citizens, visitors, and businesses alike.

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Thank you for your consideration this November.

Brian Taubman

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