It’s Time for a Real Environmental Plan for Lakewood, Ohio

It’s Time for a Real Environmental Plan for Lakewood, Ohio

When compared to several other cities, Lakewood, Ohio is greener than most. Lakewood was one of the first cities in our region to have a dedicated recycling program, and although we are aware of the problems our habits have on the environment, there is more we can do as a city and as individual citizens. That’s why it’s time for a real environmental plan for Lakewood, Ohio.

We as Lakewoodites pride ourselves on protecting the environment and our greatest resource, Lake Erie. We must start to take the right steps and be a model of how cities can change, adapt, and move forward.

I am currently running for Lakewood City Council At-Large, and I will work on implementing a multi-phase environmental plan for Lakewood, Ohio on the first day I get sworn into office.

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A 3-Step Environmental Plan for Lakewood, Ohio

1. Banning Plastic Bags

Following the lead of California, Hawaii, and several states around the country, Lakewood should implement a ban on plastic bags. We pride ourselves on being a progressive, conscientious city, but yet we are behind the times when it comes to the use of plastic bags. Plastic bag legislation has been shown to dramatically reduce the use of plastic bags, by as much as 90% where they have been implemented. Both New York City and Washington, D.C. have implemented plastic bag fees, and they’re working — in D.C., for example, bag usage has dropped by more than 50%.

Bans such as these keep wildlife safe and our bodies of water clean. Lakewood needs to implement a ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags at checkout, as well as paper bags containing less than 40% recycled material. The legislation that I will bring forward will also require a charge for recyclable bags at checkout would go to a general environmental fund or be kept by the store for supplying the recyclable bags.

Bottom line, we must save our lake, rivers, forests, and wildlife before it’s too late.

2. Implementing Charging Stations

The recent news that Volvo will go gas free starting as soon as 2019 and that France and Britain will be banning gas and diesel cars by 2040 only highlights the fact that the City of Lakewood is not prepared for any of these changes, let alone prepared for even one electric car owned by a resident.

There is only 81 electric vehicle charging stations within a 30-mile radius of Lakewood, and none of them are actually in Lakewood. This must be addressed. Lakewood needs to invest in charging stations as well as work with local businesses to implement charging stations in their parking lots. Taking these small steps and investments now will allow Lakewood to thrive, survive, and be prepared for the years to come.

3. Making All City Buildings 50% Reliable on Renewable Energy Sources by 2024

If we, as citizens of Lakewood, are taking affirmative steps in changing the way we think and act when it comes to the environment, it is only fair that we ask the same of our government. I will initiate a plan to make all city buildings and offices run on at least 50% renewable energy by 2022, and I plan to continue to increase that percentage over the years.

Lakewood, Ohio is a leader in so many categories. We should be the leader when it comes to saving our planet, our state, our lake, and our city. Not only should we be on this list, we should be at the top of it. Together, we can make it happen.

Crafting an environmental plan for Lakewood, Ohio is one of the many reasons why I have chosen to run for Lakewood City Council At-Large. When I get elected to City Council, it won’t be a stepping stone — it will be a calling. Two years ago, I ran for judge on the premise of helping people, businesses, animals, and the entire city of Lakewood and my passion to do just that has only grown. I will be the voice of the disheartened, disenfranchised, and forgotten — seniors, veterans, and youth alike. Our community must get better if we’re going to survive — and thrive — in the tough times ahead. When I am elected, I will improve Lakewood for citizens, visitors, and businesses alike.

To learn more and join the cause, please click here.

Thank you for your consideration this November.

Brian Taubman